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Re: Drug metabolites and urine Therapy - is it a problem? by #26194 ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   6/19/2005 9:27:06 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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In the forum I tend to go by the book of what I learned reading on the subject. Those authors are doctors, naturopath and have lots of experience with the therapy. I'd rather give there advice than mine. I don't want to feel responsable if something goes not as well as expected. When you are talking about prescription drugs that is an whole different story. The first advice for all authors is no chemical drugs while doing UT or a small amount (ex: drops under the tongue). Another way is to try to cut on the allopathic drugs while taking on little by little larger quantities of UT. One author (Dr Christian Shaller) goes as far as saying you can take 1/2 cup per day while taking allopatic drugs. The goal is to cut down on the drugs (always talking about prescription drugs) and hope to put them away on the long run (if not life threatning). For exemple, if someone would take all of the urine they pass they would double the prescription which could be dangerous. As for mercury toxicity, yes there is supposed to be only a small amount of mercury passing through the kidneys, but one of my friend who has fibromyalgia and 18 teeth with mercury Amalgam had to stop the therapy while going through the process of repairing her teeth. She said she was feeling even worse and though it was the mercury ingested with the therapy??? We are a new generation trying the therapy with chemicals and toxic substances. This is a natural therapy and we should stick the more we can with natural intakes. They advise to swich from chemical drugs to natural drugs if possible. The therapy works well with herbal remedies or any remedies of natural source. As for myself, I really follow what makes sense to me and I try to stick to the natural way. UT and chemical drugs are not meant to work together.

In ancient times they used to drink UT for "highs" but they used natural drugs like mushrooms etc. The rich ones paid young men to eat magical mushrooms. They would then drink the young boy's urine and they would get their "high" without the bad side effects the mushrooms give them. Drinking urine is a natural therapy and chemical drugs with it is a no no.

This is an "easy therapy" with not too many restrictions as long as you stick with the most natural products and remedies. In ancient times they knew the therapy worked but they stick to natural products as that is all what they had. But today its a bit more complicated with all the chemicals that surrounds us. We have to be careful in that respect.


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