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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis by MrGrinch ..... Angular Cheilitis

Date:   8/10/2008 3:50:49 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone... I am new to the forum and after googling AC a number of different ways stumbled across this forum and this post. I have had AC off an on for the past year and have seen 2 family physicians about it. Both suggested "it will go away on its own" and after pleading with one to do something about it she prescribed a hyderm 1% Taro Clomitria 1:1 compound cream. I am actually quite loathe to use steriods on my face because they thin the skin, but since hyderm is a very mild steriod tried it anyways to no avail so have suffered since. And now the interesting news...

I tried the palmolive / vasoline approach suggested in this thread and after 48 hours can report that my AC has actually healed by about 85%. I've always been cynical about non-evidence-informed internet "fixes" but was desperate enough to try this and can actually say that I it's definitely working. I was so impressed with the results that I went through the trouble of registering here just so others who may be cynical like me may be inclined to try this approach. For $10 in supplies what do you have to lose.

The other thing my doc did was refer me to a dermatologist for other (related?) pimple / fungal / eczema issues I've been having (no, I do not have HIV - no risk factors but insisted my doc test me which came back negative). I am going to mention this to him... he will probably roll his eyes at me but will be interesting to see his repsonse.

One last thing: THANK-YOU to the original author of this thread. If this clear up totally I will owe you one huge beer!!

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