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Re: Within the first 90 days I had and have 100% pain free periods. Within the first year I lost 45 pounds by LovePower ..... Fibroids & Myoma Support Forum

Date:   6/18/2008 1:53:50 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Your post is excellent and your contribution is diligent. I have to second the content and spirit of your posts. What you model is an active participation by women in reclaiming their health status. I see women daily who subject themselves to science--allowing their bodies to be parcel to quite often damaging ( or at least generic/nonpersonalized) therapies w/o thought. We all work to push through misinformation and ill-advice. Soon I will post my history where it varies from yours.

There are many experiences--but helping others together is a cure in of itself. What works for us in our context may not be the best for another, but the concern does help alone. Thus curezone.

Quickly, I have received a lot of help with some "supplements" if you would, in spite of myself. Our grandparents used to be keepers of our own family's custom pharmacopia. Each person does well to dig for information and the feelings/intuition regarding each decision to supplement. I eliminated supplements for myself in the last two months and did experience a regression as it were.

some supplements that I take (I also use nutriceuticals)
Fibrovan (worked instantly (1/2 hour to lessening of pelvic pain for me)
Holy Basil (helps in the pathways that produce inflammation and pain)
Pycnogenol (instead of Advil every month, pine tree bark extract
Omega 3s)
Vitamin E (not synthetic) + Vitamin C (the menstrual pain cocktail dose I will post at request.
Licorice root, healall, Rhubarb extract, hops for pain, This I learned by doing my own literature review.

Since I also have pelvic adhesions from endometriosis, I do one week of all raw and use juices which address inflammation.

I also make sure to keep my liver looking good. It helps with the metabolism on a of a variety of fronts. One the first day of my period, I do a coffee enema. That is the only way I can make it to work on the first day of my period. It works like a dream.

I get pelvic physical therapy. Reflexology saved my life. I get off my behind (literally, our office culture encourages a sedentary lifestyle and sitting on our pelvic organs far too much) and do creative things (some SC midwives taught me that one) more constipation, IBS, morphine drips every month, 911 phone calls, liver damaging prescriiptions and oh, unemployment. I am looking for more information on using mistletoe therapy, rhubarb and Iodine (I have successfully used it for ovarian cysts after a miscarriage) for endo and fibroids,

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