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Re: forgot to say... by UserX ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   11/7/2002 4:50:44 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi ShannonU,

It's perfectly fine to "help" the cleanse along with fact it is advisable if you are experiencing constipation. (Some intensive Colon Cleanse programs require 2 colemas a day!) As StarBrite indicated, constipation is a common reaction especially in the beginning of the cleanse because your body needs time to adjust to the increase in fiber. Also the old gunk rehydrates somewhat prior to being expelled and this can result in abdominal distension. Once your cleaned out your stomach will be flatter than ever, but it takes time. Anytime you become constipated using the P&B you should 1) make sure you're consuming enough water (I know, I know...I'm a broken record about this...LOL!), 2) use an enema...or even better, a clear out whatever blockage you have, and 3) cut back on the P&B if the constipation persists. Enemas are perfectly safe...just make sure the water is purified or distilled.

BTW...not to burst any bubbles (I'm especially referring to you, *StarBrite), but if you experience sloshing in the ascending or transverse colon this doesn't indicate the water from an enema has reached this far. The fecal material is still in a liquid state in the ascending and part of the transverse colon. Most enemas will only reach as far as the sigmoid, although some folks are able to elevate, twist and massage themselves in such a way that it will reach up into the descending colon. That being said, enemas are still very helpful during the cleanse.

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