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Re: 94191 by shortangle2 ..... MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate

Date:   6/13/2008 2:09:25 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi Tom,
Nice of you to reply but you didn't address the question of what happens in the body.

You wrote:

"Catlin brought forth a concern about ClO2 interfering with the absorption of minerals in the body and the possible health effects from that."


I have to agree with that!

Then, you wrote:

"In paragraph 2 of my response, I offered a correction by pointing out that ClO2 has the potential to oxidize minerals. Looking at the absorption mechanism of the body may not be a good focus. It may be better to explore how ClO2 oxidizes minerals."

It may be better for you to "refocus" and look at how minerals are oxidized in ClO2 but that's not what was asked. I think that's when you need to say, you have no idea what mms does in the body, in this case, how the mms may or may not absorb minerials. You have no business encouraging anyone to ignore this concern.

Then, you wrote:

"I went on to say that regardless of the focus, the end result is the same. I will go on to say that perhaps the best focus would be to look at the effects of reduced mineral intake upon general health."


If one is taking mms, the end result may be the same but how that leads to speculation about how one's general health would change in circumstances of lower mineral intake overall, seems a rather irresponsible tangent. Why would you continue to entertain the idea of taking mms when you do not know what happens in vivo. Why make the assumption that people will continue?

And then you assign homework and ask me what my results of your pointless water testing show me. As you well know, Tom, I don't do homework assigned by you, but you already know that. Please explain for the class how that would help answer Catlin's questions.

You do know I read, right?


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