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Update: Lichen Sclerosis/Emu Oil by kathryn101 ..... Lichen Sclerosis Forum

Date:   5/11/2008 7:19:36 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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URL: I said above in my other post...the bottle of Purple Emu Oil that I found
and started using after reading the testimonials...was about 10 years old and there
was very little left in it.
When I saw how well it worked...I immediately ordered a large bottle from the company. (This was a very tiny sample bottle someone had given me years ago).
But after a few days, I ran out of the Purple Emu oil and I could tell within a
couple of days that my Lichen Sclerosis was going to come back...without daily
use of the Emu Oil. So I went to the Health Food Store and the only kind they had
was Emu I bought that and started using it immediately. I didn't have
the same results with the Emu also had Vit E oil in it...and just didn't
help me like the Purple Emu Oil did. And I could tell immediately it wasn't going to.
I found another Emu Oil at another store.."Emule" Oil...but it was Emu Oil :-) and
tried that....that one seemed watered down...and using either one of these oils...
was not helping keep my Lichen Sclerosis at bay. Purple Emu Oil that I had ordered...came and I immediately ripped it
open and began my doctoring routine. :-) Within a few hours again...I could tell
a big difference.
So there is just something about the Purple Emu has miraculous properties :-)
I also ordered the pure Emu Oil Soap with no fragrances and I just absolutely love
that stuff. I've been using Basis Soap for sensitive skin for decades...but this
stuff is so much better than even that.
Again I want to assure you I have no connection to the Purple Emu Company. I "am"
however, thinking about looking in to buying it wholesale in quantities. I don't
know if I can do that without owning a business or not. But I would even like to
have plenty of this on hand to put in gift bags, etc...and just to give away for
folks to try. Once you try it...if you have a bad skin'll just
never want to be without it.

Hope others find this post and try it. I just can't say enough good things about

Love & Blessings to all,

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