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ACV is perfect for new pop up by michellekansas ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   5/8/2008 8:20:35 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Even with five days of elimite cream treatment washing off only at noght, new pop ups happen. I tried using elimite where ever it itchs, it helped, but then I decided to go green, by using bragg organic apple cider veniger, and it worked!!!
It just makes me smell bad, the smell goes away when it dries, also you can put any herb/oil that helps scabies to eliminate the smell, fex, lavendar oil, teatree oil.
I was getting better and better in winter, all clear for a while, then after spring break, more pop ups again!
also I experience rashs on my wrist after handling old clothing in basement, but this is different.those rashs does not have a little pimple that look like insect bite, and a bit of ACV once will rid it. This pop ups I got start spring, feels airborne, and some times needs several times ACV treatment. My son also has some , but his reaction is mild. My reaction is more severe. Yeasterday I met a travel agent, her skin is covered by black spot, since her reaction is mild, she left them untreated, those pimples heal and left black spots. She will scatch when itchs, and the itch will go away after a while.
My suggestion: Carry a small bottle of ACV (with lavendar)with you, apply when ever itchs. I shampoo with organic soap, add borax for 5 minutes, rinse with white veniger+salt(this remedy makes hair silky, and prevent hair loss). If bath, Bathe with some ACV, for women , this will prevent lots of diseases(allergic, fungal, bacterial) It's green and safe.
For severe all body patient(only those who did not use ACV when ever it itchs , this will happen 2 weeks after first itch, maybe from yard work) One pick up too much after yard work, shower with organic soap+borax(I invented myself), borax will make lots of foam, feels goooood. or Bath with borax(2 cups). If using 5 days elimite treatment, remember to use salt+BS to push down the rashs, borax is too strong. apply some olive oil water before elimite creame, and during the day when ever it itchs ( to help soften the skin, also relieve dried cream). Zyrtec is suggested to help sleep, and help the treatment , for 10 days. Remember, nothing is so far proved 100 percent.once elimite 47%. twice, 74%, 3 times, 94%, so I use 5 days, did not wash off during the day. elimite hurts the skin, that's why olive oil is important to apply often.
For lots people, especially kids, hives are common, it's the same thing. If you take a BS+salt bath, and push the rash down, you'll find little tiny pimple(insect bites), just the body reaction is so severe, rash covers it up.(with lots of international research and experience with myself and son)
I used to worry so much when I and my son got hives, and scabies, now I'm so relieved. Thanks to last fall, I got severe case after fall reseeding. I lost 10 lbs, slept 2 hours a night, doing research.
I have suffered, not my children!!!!!!! For this, I went through all the pain, resist conventional drugs, I suffer.I've told all my stories.
Who ever read this, my word to you:" I have suffered, you'll not"
I come to US, looking for better life. and I found out, better life is "ask not what America can do for you, ask what you can do for America".
No one is allowed to sell my remedy, if so, my company lawyer will sue. I have a new company "day by day green living LLC", promoting green, healthier life. wish me success.
After seven years suffer, you might know how depress it was, now I'm relieved . Though I still get new pops, my heart is light, my mind is clear now.
I go to china at the end of May, I'll consult some doctors there, see if I can find right doctors, get any clue.But I think I got enough info online already. I'll try the herb tea that says to eliminate new pop ups for ever after some 4 or five courses, before that, I'll vanish for a while again.
Remember this, if I'm not here, I'm all fine and healthy.


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