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long: is this candida-related? by guano ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/28/2008 3:22:55 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi all. New to this Curezone...

Just wishing to get some learned feedback from those who have been diagnosed and successfully treated for Candida. Thank you in advance all of you who spend the time to read this long description and to those who decide to comment.

Symptoms: generalized anxiety, mild agoraphobia, low mood (not clinical depression), unmotivated, chronic (15 years) Seborrheic Dermatitis around the nose (prescribed cortisone and nizoral creme... kept under control with selenium sulfide shampoo), chronic scalp sores and bumps, recent stubborn bout of folliculitis (took a year to eradicate... staph diagnosed but 3 months of Antibiotics ineffective... selenium sulfide shampoo the only thing that worked), past bout of athelete's foot, past rash on neck and under arm, finger and toenails are heavily grooved, tongue with white-ish coating at middle and back, chronic low-grade sinusitis, slightly soft vision (even though my eye tests are normal).

History: Thinking about it, I recall my problems beginning after I had my wisdom teeth removed at 19 years of age. I recovered from the procedure with tylenol 3's. Shortly after, I developed a stubborn rash on my neck under my adam's apple. I saw a doctor after a period, prescribed cortisone creme... no effect. Sent to a derm, prescribed cortisone creme and suggested tetracycline for the mild acne. I went on the Antibiotics for 4-6 months perhaps (this was 16 years ago). During treatment I developed the seb derm, which I have to this day. I've had acne-prone skin and mild folliculitis since, but manageable.

Two years ago, the seb derm got very bad (my whole face was a rash). Then, two weeks later, I was hit with very bad folliculitis. I had to grow a beard to hide the unsightly red swells. Prescribed keflex Antibiotic to no success. I had the folliculitis cultured, showed staph. Another round of keflex, no success. Went on two months of minocycline, no change. Got sent to a dermatologist, prescribed mupirocin, no success. Instead, my face and ears were infected with intense flaking on top of the folliculitis. Stumped, he concluded it was a "mixed" infection. Ultimately I cleared it myself with selenium sulfide shampoo. I realize during this outbreak I had switched facial cleaners and was not using medicated shampoo on my face as I had done in the past. My face looks normal now, but I suspect it would deteriorate would I go off the medicated shampoo.

Currently I am experiencing anxiety and general malaise. My concentration is poor. My activities are working three days a week and not much else, sort of puttering around, starting many projects but not finishing them.

This is a marked change from who I was in high school/early college. During my final years in high school, I was working part-time, acting as one of three directors for the school yearbook, attending night-school college courses, painting sets for the school plays, and graduating with honours. My early art college years were similar, winning every scholarship that came along. Sometime after the Antibiotics (I don't recall the timeline well, as it was 15 years ago) my grades slipped, I was belligerent to my department head, and eventually got suspended for half a semester due to double F grades. I returned and finished my college work, did a few university courses, and that was it... I've kind of drifted along ever since. Of course, it is speculation, but I often wondered what had changed in me... The best way I can describe it is that it feels like I am struggling to keep up. The things my friends and family are able to do (like have kids, build homes, etc.) seem impossible to me.

Anyway, the anxiety (which began a year ago) really prompted me to investigate this from a different angle. I started going to a naturopath who has run various tests. So far he concludes mild adrenal fatigue, high cholesterol, mild protein malabsorption. He is currently testing amino acid levels. We haven't discussed candida yet, as this is an idea of mine based on reading Dr Truss's Hidden Diagnosis. Some of his case studies read like this.

I am wondering if this could be candida-related, triggered by a long period of low-dose, broad spectrum antibiotics? Can the candida maintain itself for this long? Does the course of the infection change over time, i.e., can it trigger rashes in the beginning, then develop silently, without obvious symptoms? Can candida bring about a change in personality?

That is enough for now. Again, to you who spend your precious time reading this, thank you.

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