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It's probably in no small part vaccines, though... by sandover ..... Vaccination Debate Forum

Date:   4/17/2008 10:51:54 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi all --

Let me make clear that I am anti-vax, do not vaccinate my children, and in no way support the CDC (or any) vax schedule.

With that out of the way, I think others who believe and behave in those ways and consider themselves anti-vax nonetheless do a grave disservice to parents and children when they stop the debate and research at vaccines and autism. That's where the pharmaceutical, pediatrics, epidemiology and other medical industries who sponsored and published those journal articles would like to see the debate stopped. Doctors and vaccine makers know that the majority of kids will continue to get vaccinated. It's too powerful a fear (my kid will get an incurable illness) with too powerful an apparent immediate solution (therefore I will do what the doctor says and vaccinate him) to go away.

There are certainly many harmful things that have become more popular since we saw the autism rates start spiking 20-30 years ago. # of vaccines, increase in prenatal sonography, increased EMF exposure -- those are just a few. The situation in 20 years will be very interesting in terms of health, particularly neurological health, as these hypervaxed, cell-phone-exposed, constantly ultrasounded kids make their ways into the adult population. Watch out for all the autoimmune stuff, plus brain damage.

The poster here can believe whatever he or she wants to believe, but my observation and experience over time tells me that non-vaxed kids are the healthiest. Perhaps this poster does not have kids, or is a doctor/nurse vaccinating other peoples' kids -- if you approach vaccination from a protect-the-herd mentality, you can stand to sacrifice lifelong health for dubious immunity. When you approach it from the position of caring for one child's health, that picture morphs completely. Shouldn't it?


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