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Re: oh dear :( by #88426 ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   4/15/2008 11:34:19 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I'm in the same boat as you are. Not sure what day I'm on (I don't keep up), but it's been a week or so. I have the largest cyst I've ever seen in my life on my face-maybe it's a huge boil or something...or maybe it's a big parasite trying to come out. I can't even sleep on that side at night, it hurts so bad. Several more acne coming out. I woke up one night and felt like something was trying to crawl up my throat-I tried to cough it up, but couldn't do it-it went back down my throat. Probably some humongous tapeworm. :( I have not been able to go to the bathroom in 3 days-at all! I finally resorted to an enema last night, just to get some relief. Today, I have done nothing but stap at customers, and I started crying at work when a friend joked around with me. I am miserable. I did not have problems going to the bathroom on my last cleanse-in fact, it was much better, and I was going 3 times a day. But now I cannot go at all. I have used a colon cleanse, 1000mg of Magnesium, TONS of water, and lots of fruit. Large doses of probiotics too. Nothing else is helping. Psyllium stops me up a lot worse, even with LOTS of water. Why can't I go to the bathroom anymore, if I'm drinking tons of water? What will happen to me if I get hooked on enemas? I cannot live like that!! What if I had to take a business trip??? OMG, I'm freaking out!

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