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Re: Your Immune System by montana girl ..... Kevin Trudeau Discussion

Date:   4/13/2008 7:02:06 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Did I have my daughter's immune system destroyed unknowingly? The reason why I'm asking is, I was listening to a radio talk show that a known chiropractor has in Phoenix. A caller was talking about his child who had something called geographical tongue. The father explained that as the baby was being born, he had swallowed fecal matter and was given Antibiotics right away to fight infection. Something was said about the baby later developing a yeast infection and now the parents are dealing with this geographical tongue. The doctor explained since the baby was given Antibiotics , from what I understand, this had taken all of the flora in the baby's intestinal tract away and that the flora would never be replaced. The geographical tongue is a residual problem from when the first Antibiotics were given, and that this is going to be a long term problem for this child.

My question about my daughter is, she started having many ear infections starting at the age of six months and of course, was given antibiotics. There was one time I remember she had an ear infection back to back, another time dual ear infections, etc. Now, I'm wondering was her immune system destroyed in the process? None of her doctors at the time mentioned anything about this to me. My daughter is now 26 years old and has never had any problems with her health except with colds from time to time. How do you know if your immune system has been completely destroyed? This really has me worried because if there is a time she does encounter something serious, will her immune system be there to ward of whatever?

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