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Agreed! by chiropractor31 ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   4/11/2008 2:28:22 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Music Man,
I like your analogy, just to bad the majority of people don't understand the concept of healthcare. In the U.S. it should be called "sick care" because theres nothing healthy about it at. People die from prescription and nonprescription drugs by the tens of thousands annually, everyone just turns there head away and ignores what happens while the drug companies walk away with billions of dollars in drug (blood) money which is there ultimate goal. Your body is not deficient in asprin, painkillers, Antibiotics , etc..., these are all posions which harm the body and cause further health issues down the road which cause you to be dependent on other drugs to counteract the harm caused from the previous drug, it's a snowball effect. Safe alternative treatments are suppressed from the general population and compete with big pharma, they don't like that. They spend billions anually to supress valuable health information from the public eye. The majority of the population is indeed brainwashed and are mere puppets. I've personally seen results acomplished via hard to find natural remedies that the drug industry can't compete with. Natural remedies cannot be patented, therfore there is no money to be made if everyone can sell it, to much competition. All I ever hear from naive individuals is "If it really works then why isn't everyone taking this?". People don't understand that our government does not promotr cures, it promote the "supression of" only. They gauge health as the extension of life years, not on curing. So for everyone who cannot understand this concept, keep on poppin them there pills, you'll understand the big picture once your health has been robbed from you years later.

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