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Re: --answers-- by givati ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   7/2/2006 6:24:24 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Thanks Moreless.

You`re answer is in line with what I expected.One time I tested her partially she had a very low brix reading 0.6 brix and a low conductivity reading of 7C.
With these results I was thinking of hypoglycemia and a shortage of electrolites.
Fact is she is fobic thinking, she does not want to be tested again she had a total nervous breakdown and went straight into menopause, terrible menopause things got better lately, but the fact is that my wife is in denial about her own bad situation she agreed to some changes in our diet but by far not enough.
In her childhood she had lots of epileptic seisures she could not eat any meat when it was forced on her she did throw up. She was even admitted to the hospital to cure her for not eating meat with no result she just threw up the meat forced on her. She has a damaged kidney it healed but there is a scarf on the kidney my wife has been abused so much you don`t want to know after being with her for 26 years I still have to deal with the abuses on a daily basis, too emphasise the abuses where not don by me. I just have to deal with it day by day.
My wife hates meat but without force she eates two meatballs a week and she likes that.
She does not eat fish no poultry or other kind of meats.
Thanks for pointing out the differents between atlantic salmon and wild alaska salmon but she won`t eat any fish I got her on fish oil capsules one a day but you never know the quality. I try every thing I can, and I do agree with you`re advise but this is a hard nut to crack for instance I had her tested once and the test showed that my wife was completly depleted of copper.My wife is addicted to certain kind of food, like wheat bread milk yellow 48+ fat cheese.I got her of the white sugar we use 0,0 fat milk she eats 3 pieces of different fruit each day but not alot of vegetables she uses supplements and I understand that a person needs trace minerals but as a person takes to much of a certain mineral it might turn acidic as you explained. Alas I can go on and on I think I just had to get rid of some frustation. So what would you recommand as a alternative to fish?
I use olive oil coconut oil and as suplementation every other day one teaspoon of flaxseed oil or wheatgerm oil my wife does the same but she alway`s mixes the oil with yoghurt I think its better with fruit?

I`m tired any comments are welcome.

Greetings, Givati.


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