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Re: --answers-- by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   7/2/2006 8:17:55 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Givati,

Anytime a person is "VERY" "ACIDIC" , then any thing which they may try to do to recover may cause many problems!

The reason for your wife having problems with taking ACV and or Lemon juice, may be because she may be so Acidic, that the body does not contain any "BUFFERS" for the reactions which may take place when she may take any foods which may produce reactions to produce the Electro-magnetic Energy which her body may need to start recovering!

This is also one of the reasons it may be very important to take the Blackstrap Molasses along with the ACV and or the Lemon juice!

Now as to the idea about the Fats and Oils which the body may need to "PROTECT" the nerve endings as in the case of your wife, in her stomach, from the Excess Acids which may make all nerve endings "VERY" sensitive, you may have her to start eating some Cold water fish, like Wild Alaskan Salmon or sardines which you may find canned all year around!

Eat it only in the middle of the day so as to allow for the body to be able to properly digest it before bedtime!

This may help provide her with some of the oils and fats which she may need to help her start to recover as well as extra Calcium and other Alkaline Minerals which her body may need!

Now , back to the problem with taking ACV and Lemon juice, "IF" she will mix the Alkalizing drink, using all of the ingredients: Either one Tablespoonful of ACV or one half of a Lemon juiced into 8oz of water and add one Tablespoonful of Pure Blackstrap Molasses and add some Lime water and take some Kelp along with this and drink this mix in very small amounts each hour thru-out the day, then her body may be able to overcome her problems, and as she becomes more Alkaline, then she may be able to drink the drink in larger amounts less often and still keep getting positive results!

Now to the question about the bile and the stomach:

The function of the stomach is the area where the body may produce the Acids so as to break down the Proteins and Fibers and the Alkaline Minerals and cause Electro-magnetic Energy to be Released, then as this food is moved into the intestines, "IF" the food did not contain enough Alkaline Minerals to neutralize the acids which were produced in the stomach, then the Gallbladder which may release the Alkaline Bile into the latter stages of the digestive system of the intestines to try to help neutralize any Excess acids which may not have become neutralized already, in a last ditch effort to allow the body to get some more Electro-magnetic Energy for the body to be able to operate properly with!

So, when the Gallbladder has been removed from the body, this puts an extra load on the body, by not allowing the body to be able to become Alkaline as easy, and one "MUST" watch their eating habits much more closely, so as to not eat those foods which may cause you to become too Acidic, because now the body has "LOST" one of the Backup systems which it had to fight the over Acidicity problem!

This may be another part of the reason why your wife may be having so much problems with ACV and Lemon juice and is an extra reason for taking it in very small amounts along with Blackstrap Molasses, in order to help her solve her problems!

Smile Tis your choice.

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