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Edited by ted3570 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/8/2008 12:03:20 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hello guys, I read what you have been writing about EC, infact I couldnt read all the informations what had been written, and I should say this forum has been very inccouraging and informative for me, I will write more about my experience with EC in the coming days but believe me I have EC approx..for the last 20 yrs and it is even expanding to inside and outside parts of my lips.
it started when I was about 18 and it started after a time of severe anxity, confusion, as a result 'depression', a result "chronic stress" and as a result of these things the EC is expanding time to time. I never knew that it was connected with stress and no dermatolgy told me, but this forum informed me and much thanks to the CUREZONE site, anyway, I have tried this and that and they didnt help, lately I am taking B complex vitamins and the result time will tell, I take it cos they claim that it is stress fomula, but to make short for today, yesterday the dermatology gave me a prescription for LOCACID(retin A) cream, I dont know what it has to do for EC but she said that it peels it and calm the lips from a thick layer and if it doesnt help for the next two months, she would recommend to do a surgery on my lips. I even didnt buy the cream yet because I used this cream for my Acne about 15 yrs ago and it realy damaged my skin by applying too much of it, so I want to know that if anyone had used this formula for peelig lips and I dont know the consequences of the sugery but I doubt to do it, but anyway your feedbacks are very critical, specially if dermatologist read my mail, please I need a feedback in this issue( locacid cream and about the surgery).
one thing I have to mention is...I am 38 yrs old male and because of this unique problem is so embaressing, when I eat or drink, or talk, the inner part of (where it begins to peel) the lips get white and because of this people (family) gets away from me or to get near their babies and so on... but the point I want to make is that I AM UNMARRIED UNTIL NOW BECAUSE OF THIS, so, physicians, hear the cry that we are crying for.

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