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Re: Optimal Health press by r4000 ..... MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate

Date:   4/6/2008 2:06:45 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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To Bruce- very revealing in regards to Globallight

Now any takers here(I do not have the necessary funds to do it) to:

1-verify Miracle-Mineral-Supplement sold by Globallight and the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement sellers certified by Jim Humble ?

2-How to do it- simply by purchasing 3 different bottles,let us say 1 week apart from each order so that one can reasonably get a different "batch"..

3-Publish the results

4-advise Jim Humble of it and demand that he "decertify" them and post it on his website and give the reasons as to why.

And in future interviews to MENTION THIS and name the said websites/companies that were decertified
No iffs sand buts here -these demands are non-negotiable..

Humble a millionaire ? Heck,if he wanted to make a bundle it was just to shut up,go along with his former associates and keep the formula secret and launch a MLM company with +8 levels of marketing and sell a 10% solution or less for around $60 for a 4oz bottle.
And he would be sending his video promo greetings from Tahiti alongside his posh home +swimming pool surrounded by beautiful vahines and telling us how great how product is and that you too can make it big like he did..

And you know what,that kind of message does wonders..

I am simply appalled by the idiotic reasonings of some..


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