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Re: Day24 fast 2: odd detox or something else? by #83873 ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   4/1/2008 7:54:57 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Thank you Andrew for your post.

Where there is always one question, there is surely more to follow... If you wouldn't mind would you or someone answer the following questions if possible:

#1-Does going into the deeper layers of tissue correspond with more demonstrative signs of detox? So by assumption each fast may have greater detox signs? Not necessarily?

#2- I read on one of the posts on curezone, the rapid detoxing of Water Fasting can be harmful to the body, especially the kidneys? I know I have some mercury in me, from prior amalgams, even tuna. I did not prepare in an adequately in a healthy raw manner before undertaking the seond fast. I guess I am asking if this is true about it being hard on the body.

#3- When you start the refeeding period can you use diluted vegetable juice rather than orange juice? Due to Candida/yeast from allthe prior Antibiotic use combined with bad diet I don''t want to encourage it or food desires with sugar.

#4 - Can one initiate a bowel and parasite cleanse during the refeeding stage or should you just wait?

#5-True hunger? I don't know what that was from either fast as I was not ready to stop and tongue was /is still coated. The ravenous desire for food seems like something else. I heard somewhere when you lose weight estrogen pours into your blood stream ( for a woman) and I thought that might be a possibility but don't have literature to back that up.Detox of some past pharmaceuticals?- wondered that too.

Well I was told my surgery was critical, and I have heard of some people having miracles from 90 days of fasting. I know I cannot go that long but I thought well if I could go as long as possible and did it multiple times maybe it would happen.

#6 -Perhaps I am wrong , but I got the impression from some writings that one long fast even to its extreme would work better than multiple short fasts. But as far as detox, like you said , if you continue eating healthy raw in between, the body will just detox at a slower rate on raw/ juice and then pick up where it left off.

Please feel free to correct any assumptions or incorrect statements I have made. Still have a vast amount to learn about this new therapeutic method.

Thank you for your encouragement

Thanks again for any comments to you or anyone else who chooses to respond.

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