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Re: "We do not get energy from the food we eat" by ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   6/16/2006 10:04:58 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi joylovepeace,

Thanks a lot! You ask about diet, well its an ever changing process for me! I started knowing nothing about pH in the body, You could have come up to me 4 months ago and said, I’ll give you 100,000 dollars if you can give me one example of pH Balancing principals in action? I would have replied what in the world is pH???? See! It’s in everything and everywhere! So many of my “spiritual” teachers have talked about balance, what is outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you, the yin-yang ect…

I never truly understood until now. I still an only at the beginning…

So yes, I have changed my diet. I started with juicing vegetables. I don’t remember what got me on that, just that it helped me so much I came back to curezone to do liver flushes. I found a juicing forum and posted “juicing is saving my life”! Finallyfaith replied “hey go check out this BSM drink thing over in the A/A forum”. The rest is history in the making for me!

Now, I make a LOT of mistakes and everyday, learn more, do more, feel better…or worse depending on my choices that day. That is what counts the most. Learning that IT IS what you do that counts! Believe it or not, I never even thought that! It’s what I call sleeping in the matrix!

The BSM drink (LOL) my first attempt almost made me throw my BSM way! I put way too much in a glass, VERY little lemon juice and tried to drink it! Then I read how to make it. Now, I add it to my carrot and celery juice in the morning and just water it down at night usually. So about once or twice a day. I now use C.H. but very little (lets not forget the kelp that I used too much of today and could barely talk my throut hurt so much)! Moreless it never wrong! (LOL) when he says CH reacts violently to acids he is right! I can fell it in my hands, in my legs, in my elbows, ect… all over. It feels like … a match a flare… than gone. I don’t feel those if I don’t use it. I also made my batch about ½ of the recipe. After my bad bath experience I take things slow…. :)

As far the ML’s comment about energy, what you need to go is go to the A/A “DEBATE” forum and look for any ML posts then click on the link that will show you all his posts. Just read the ones that were started by him first, then go back and get lost into some of the conversations he was in. you will learn much more that I can tell you! You can decide for yourself if you think its true and try what you want. See how you feel and go from there.

Some days I feel really bad too! I’m learning for example that all juicing alkali veggies makes me feel bad if I do it for too long. I need to eat “other” thinks too! BUT If I eat too mush of those “other” things than I get bubbly pee and we know what that means! Again, its all about balancing and we all are different. So you have to play around with what makes you feel good and keep up with healing without overdoing it.

My best wishes to you and all on your efforts and successes!



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