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Acid vs. Alkaline = Hot vs. Cold???????? by ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   6/9/2006 6:12:27 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hey ML and friends!

Well as I’ve been feeling much better late this week than the previous, I thought I’d try to come up with something constructive as opposed to crying about my mistakes! So, all day I’ve been thinking about one thing. Acid vs. Alkaline is equal to Hot vs. Cold???? Would anyone say this is true????

I remember when my roommate went into “ketone acidosis” almost 5 years ago now…. He took a hot bath, got out and fell asleep on his bed. I happened to see him in bed soaking wet with no cloths on! What used to be 185 pound 25 year old looked like he was barley 100 pounds! The kid was so weak he just fell asleep with out even drying himself off! Seeing him for the first time like this I knew he was almost dead and took him to the E.R. against his wishes! Trust me when I say that I saved his life! Not knowing ANYTHING about pH or health for that matter. It was luck more than anything. BTW, I believe they shot him up with sodium bicarbonate, a LARGE syringe full and made him drink a potassium shake! Hmmm……. Go figure??? Anyway… Looking back on that now, could the hot bath have had something to do with pushing him to the edge??? I now think so. Why?

Well, why it is that we need to take a cold shower after the hot E.S. bath? Why it is that we want cold water fish???? Could it be that hot = acid and cold= alkaline? I now think so. Although a normal shower for me is VERY hot. I now, at the end, SLOWLY turn the water as cold as I can stand before I get out. Sure the E.S. and baking soda have a lot to do with pulling out the acids into the skin but even without that is it not true that the hot helps us to be acid and the cold helps us to be alkaline?

Some last thoughts, I’ve always felt more comfortable in hot weather, hot water, hot anything! What does that say about my overall state?????? Yup! Acid! That’s me. My roommate, yes adult onset diabetes…at about 22 or 23 it was 4 liters of free mountain due for about a year that did it. First type one?? Then he pushed himself into type two. He blames his first doc for letting him fall indo acidosis before putting him on insulin. Trust me when I tell you “NOTHING” is his fault! He now mocks me every step of the way to good health and it is very sad. He is my best friend and I’m watching him die….slowly….or maybe not so slowly… last night he woke up in his typical hate the world attitude, screamed at my dog for eating a “plastic” bottle that he left of the table mind you! (Diet mountain due o yea sooo much better than the real stuff) and at 12:00 promptly went to MacDonald’s for his “dinner” when he was done, I said “Bad human don’t eat plastic” he just rolled his eyes….



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