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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!! by Rev. Sysyphus ..... Energized Water Support Forum

Date:   3/13/2008 6:00:14 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Sadly yes. His machine does little but distill the water and introduce a small amount of ozone. Sterilizing the water in such a way that allows some of the icky stuff to not be in the distillate can be done by simply boiling water in an open pot for much less than $1700. And although electrons can be added to water, electrolysis being the most common method, doing that will cause decomposition of the water into raw hydrogen and oxygen. If you don’t stop “energizing” the water you will find that the water all goes away! Even if you don’t let it all float away as gas there will not be any free electrons in the water, or at least not enough to do anything. If you want loads of electrons then place some jumper cables on your car battery then insert the ends into your mouth. You will get more electrons then you know what to do with. Of course this will also kill you. And NOTHING will change the bond angle of H2O. Electrons will not destroy a virus unless the virus is under direct bombardment in some kind of chamber. Everything John E. says about his miracle water is a lie and bereft of any real science. I don’t suppose I will be believed because placebo effects are strong. If you are wealthy then you deserve to be taken by people like Ellis. The tragedy is when people like him scam people in which $2000 some odd dollars is not some paltry sum that they can just fritter away. And I am cancelling my subscription to Popular Science for running ads for John E.’ snake oil machine.

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