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Re: Doc - do you know where this comes from? by luz ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   3/12/2008 11:33:36 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Thanks a million, to everybody here! I will gradually take a look at all your tips!

I went to an alternative practitioner yesterday who is testing and treating with bioresonance and works with Clark-like herbs and bioresonance-medicin. He found all stages of development of ascaris und diverse liver flukes, toxoplasmosis and more. Thank goodness not the buskii and no tapeworms. But as well a lot of bacteriums and viruses and environmental toxins, overloaded kidneys etc. He did a bioresonance treatment, gave me bioresonance medicine, antiparasatical stuff, enzymes, but no allopathic antivermizides. He tested them, but said I shouldn’t take them. Anyway I’m not yet ready for prescription drugs against parasites.

No apnoa last night! The alternative practitioner told me that the apnoa-like symptom could very well be associated with the parasites. That was what I felt too, because of this I asked this question in the parasite boards here. I will restart my battle against the critters more consequently and more intense, with help of the herbs, enzymes, the zapper and the bioresonance medicine. CONSISTENCY is the magic word ;-) And at the moment I have to care about my poor kidneys. I willl order humaworm as well. Hopefully I can get it through customs, the german import laws are maybe one of the strictest worldwide.

Today I had a colonic, that was good after yesterdays treatment. I will see what comes out tomorrow, cause most of the time after a colonic I release worms the day after.

I took MMS for the last 3 months, maybe I was stirring up a lot of critters, and released bacteriums,viruses and toxins, which has been docked to the parasites. I already saw flukes several weeks ago, after 7 drops of MMS. This could be a too heavy load for my kidneys.

Anyway I’m now nearly sure the apnoa is due to parasites, as I already had a time of being free of this symptom, after I released a lot of flukes after one week of daily zapping. But if you suffer so bad like I did the last 2 weeks you are getting doubtful, and so I needed to ask “fellow sufferers” for their opinion.

Barefoot or Humaworm? Does it make big difference which one I take?

But what about the break of 90 days! Is it really meaningfull or rather careless?

Blessings to all of you



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