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Date:   3/5/2008 8:19:27 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi,my first post here. I have had stank problems most of my adult life. I have bacteria on my tongue that I can contrl with therabreath. I also have tonsil stones that get caught in my throat, which are gross smelling, and I dont know how to control it. I also have a bad smell from my stomach which on a good day smells like a heavy smoker. "Who smoked a cigar," or "whatds that burning smell?" I often hear. then some days I breathe a fart out of my nose, which my doctor told me was impossible. I can smell it sometimes too. Once I cleared a whole room. Coffee mixed with nicotine and stress makes it the worst. People near me always get the sniffles, like I do when I smell something nasty. As I am in constant contact with people, I notice that people always move to other chairs to be away from me. Until now. I started to take Beano, and I no longer have the nose farts and the burnt smell is gone . Its been only 5 days, but people no longer move away from me. The active ingredient is alpha-galactosidase, and I plan to take it by itself from now on as a supplement. I had given up on life but found this site about a week ago and motivated me to keep looking for an answer. I have spent thousands for GIs, Ents,etc, but the solution at least for me was a $5 bottle of Beano.

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