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Perhaps 'vibrational' machines are only a tool... by fledgling ..... Energy Medicine: Energy Healing Modalities

Date:   2/26/2008 7:11:14 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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...A tool to raise levels of vibration in the body, until we return to 'the usual', for us.

I suppose this could be true of most any protocol we can included.

Currently, I hope to remind myself of what total well-being FEELS like, in hopes of staying there.

Probably some basic applications would help. Most obviously, Himalayan crystal salt baths/footbaths...whole and basic foods...spring water...fresh air and sunshine...and worthwhile work, especially creative.

If we surround ourselves with beautiful, happy things, and 'cancel' any other thoughts/feelings/possessions or activities, or even the thoughts of them...we might do ourselves a great big favor.

My bio-resonance guy was firmly convinced that we can't do muscle-testing for ourselves.

He gave the example of muscle-testing the appropriateness of chocolate cake for himself. Then he said, "Guess what I'll get!"

I think he was wrong. I've walked right by chocolate cake, purely on the intuition that salad was better just now. Of course, it was a dandy, tasty salad!

Maybe it's that, if we can get a handle on our objective, a picture of it we really like...and if we can begin, doing a little more of it each day, we may find it easier and easier to get where we want to go.

Think, instead of the 'deprivation', the difficulty, and how we actually 'prefer' the old way, and guess what we get!

They say that someone asked a sculptor how to carve a horse. And, that he replied..."First you get yourself a piece of stone, then you chip off all the bits that don't look like a horse."

Maybe we need to visualize 'the horse', well-being, better.

We might discover we like it more than we think.

That's where I'm headed.


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