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Date:   2/18/2008 5:54:10 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I know you think that with such a great Miracle Mineral Supplement,
philanthropists like Opra Winfrey and Bill Gates would stand in line
to give me money to carry out our mission, but not so. It takes a
while to get it figured out, but finally you realize it is all based on
money. Opra wants to know what is going to bring her TV program
the biggest audience because that is what brings in the money, and
Bill Gates gets no recognition for helping the little guy. His millions
go to the big pharmaceutical laboratories which in turn bring him
powerful friends throughout the world. To invest in something that
works but reduces the income of the pharmaceutical companies
would be unthinkable. He said over the phone he would not back us
until we had FDA approval. That takes a hundred million dollars and
he knew we would never have that.
See Chapter 8, page 15 for data on obtaining Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ..

Did we do double blind and triple blind tests? No. The money was
not available. Bill Gates told us over the phone that he would not
help until we were FDA approved. Usually, FDA approval costs
millions, but those people in Africa that went back to work feeling
good didnít care if we had FDA approval or not. When I phoned the
FDA they said that if I was using it in Africa they had no say over
there so they would not comment, but if I wanted to get it approved
for treatment of malaria in America, then that would be another story.
They didnít care if it was not a drug. The minute I said treatment of
any disease, it then becomes a drug and you must have all of the
countless tests and laboratory evaluations. Thatís anywhere from
$50,000,000 upwards.

Back in Georgetown I telephoned a friend, Bob Tate, about the
Stabilized Oxygen curing malaria. He immediately flew to Guyana.
We discussed it and decided to see if we could sell the Stabilized
Oxygen in Guyana. We put an ad in the local paper stating that our
solution cured malaria. That was a mistake. Immediately the local
television station sent reporters over to our place and we were on TV
See Chapter 8, page 15 for data on obtaining Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .
The Discovery Chapter 1 Page 10
The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century
telling about our solution. Then the radio and newspaper reporters
arrived. We were famous for about three days. Then the
government dropped a bomb on us. The minister of health called us
in for an interview. She told us that if we sold our solution to one
more person that we would be in their prison and that we wouldn=t
like their prison. I had seen the prison and I knew that she was right.
I talked to my friend, the First Minister, Moses Nagamotoo, one
evening and he explained to me that two drug companies had called
the Minister of Health and threatened to quit shipping drugs to the
local hospital if she didn=t do something about the person claiming to
be able to cure malaria. He explained that there was nothing his
government could do at this time to help me, but he mentioned that
he suggested to the Minister of Health that she give me some latitude.
At that point I made an even bigger mistake. Although we removed
our ad from the newspaper, I continued to sell the solution to more
people who needed it. My partner, Bob Tate, had already gone
home, but I was still planning to do gold mining in the jungle. We
were just about ready with our mining supplies when I got word that
they were going to charge me with a crime and that it would be better
if I were gone or were somewhere else. I found that people in
Georgetown are more afraid of the jungle than are people from Las
Vegas. They seldom chase people in the jungle. I immediately made
the trip up the river and the supplies followed me a few days later.


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