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Juice - My experience and personal recommendation by Electric Mind ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/18/2008 5:45:26 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hey all--been out of the loop here for a few days.

As I had mentioned before, I started the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement protocol using pure organic grape juice as a diluent--mostly to avoid the horrible taste. Lots of folks had recommended this route, as long as any added vitamin C was avoided. I'd been going along and worked my way up to 15 drops twice per day when I realized I was experiencing increased gas, bloating, water retention, increased undesirable weight gain and skin eruptions. I was trying to chalk all this up to detox stuff. I had only been using about 3 oz of juice per serving, but suddenly realized this was amounting to a tremendous number of carbohydrate (mostly fructose) grams per serving--twice per day. Under normal circumstances I have always avoided drinking fruit juice due to the extreme carbohydrate load and adverse glycation effects that come with it (fructose is 20-30 times more glycating in the body than glucose---NOT good). I rationalized I was only using a small amount with the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and therefore it would not be consequential. Boy, was I wrong.

Once I looked at the label and realized what I was doing to myself I immediately got rid of all the juice in the house and immediately switched to zero carb organic lime juice and distilled water as my new diluent. I still activate with citric acid , mainly because I have a lot of it on hand. I find that if I do this, adding only about 2 drops of stevia as a mild sweetener, it does about as good a job of masking the taste (not great--but doable) and the effect is quite startling.

As many have said they felt diluting with water was more effective for them, I decided to back way off the drops and go back to a very conservative 6 drops Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and gradually work my way back up again. I am now feeling as though 6 drops is doing MORE for me with water and lime juice than 15 drops was doing for me with organic grape juice. Furthermore, the gas is gone, the bloating is gone, my skin is clearing up, the weight is coming off and I FEEL so much better! I feel that MMS is finally free to do everything it can for me. The reason I feel juice has been such an impediment is that most pathogens are fermentative in nature (part of the anaerobic-thing) and I was inadvertently FEEDING those things and even accelerating yeast growth (something I normally don't have an issue with) everytime I dosed with the stuff. It was literally a one step forward, two steps back situation. Now, I feel my movement is all forward.

I highly recommend eliminating the use of juice as a diluent asap and switching to what I have recommended here (or something close). I also recommend for those of you that have been using juice twice or three times a day for a long time here get some blood work and run a hemoglobin A1C to measure the level of glycation in your bloodstream. This can be serious, folks. I think this is a valid concern, considering how regularly we all dose with this stuff. It's not what we do once in a while that is usually problematic, but what we do consistently, over time that matters. This can really add up.

My two bits. I'll continue keeping you apprised of my progress, as well as my lab results at the end of all this.


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