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Fair Enough Then by jo14 ..... MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate

Date:   2/15/2008 9:45:29 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Fair enough Davizona. Thanks for being rather kind in your post. You must admit however, you do have a track record of "stabs", do you not? I have read the posts you have written and those when you were writing to my wife. As far as Ananda's health, it has never been better. She has it completely under control. She is a brillant girl with a golden heart and very in-tune with her body. She has more knowledge in the alternative healing arts than anyone I know. She has been through alot with her health and has come out more alive than ever on the other side of that. Tell whomever is concerned, no concern is warranted.

Oh, and as far as her cold goes (that is gone now), it turns out that it was an actual cold. My son, our nieghbor and her kids who all play here every day have the same exact cold and none of them take Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . They all caught it from oneanother. It simply was in the air and Ananda caught it and gave it now to my son. Interestingly enough, she happened to miss some Miracle-Mineral-Supplement doses due to her busy schedule earlier this week, and I would guess the cold germs got a chance to proliferate. Well,I don't really like to type( 1 finger thing) so I gotta say goodbye. Good luck to you David, really. I meant what I said; I and my wife only wish you the best in your health and happiness. And no hard feelings. Let us leave it at that.



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