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Re: Just couldn't face it.. by Hellth ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/11/2008 5:25:14 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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"For the most part I have used Braggs. I started with lemon juice, but it was just easier to pour some ACV into a bottle with a dripper top. I have never tried citric acid . I actually find lime juice the less offensive off all."

Oh great. What you're ACTUALLY saying is that you've hit a wall that I simply (after only 1 1/2 months) haven't reached yet!

It's always nice to have something to look forward to! lol....

I'm very careful not to "hang around" the mixture while it's activating. I keep a separate glass pre-loaded with chaser, so that I don't have a lag time while I get the bad aftertaste blues, and I use clean glasses each time.

Also, (just for someone reading who hasn't thought of this) I went down to Petsmart, and they have a nifty 5cc Syringe with a tube instead of a needle for $2.99. 1cc measures about 24 drops, so I simply "draw" 3cc's of activator (for 15 Miracle-Mineral-Supplement drops) all at once, and *BANG*, it's done without all the drippng and squirting hassle. (still have to count the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement drops though.

Why don't one of you talented ladies write an "MMS Cookbook" so that we can all take our doses, disguised as Lobster Bisque, or something? :)


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