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Re: Complimentary MMS therapies by Hellth ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/8/2008 2:35:47 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi #76749,

Sorry for the misunderstanding and hope we can start over.

Are you using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and trying DMSO to try to cure a specific problem?

For example, I use Miracle-Mineral-Supplement plus DMSO and it seems to relieve my IBS symptoms and osteo Arthritis much better than Miracle-Mineral-Supplement alone. It also take less MMS drops to do it.

Our family has a history of Parkinsons/Alzheimers, and we found out how sensitive we are to toxic metals (mercury) about 10 years ago when our grandkids were diagnosed with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder).

One autism researcher has remarked that, "the only difference between AUTISM and ALZHEIMERS is the AGE of the patient. (!) So I've been very interested in anything that can pass the BBB (blood brain barrier) and get to the source of the stored mercury in the lipid tissue.

I (personally) kind of doubt that MMS has any positive effect on toxic metal excretion (contrary to most comments I've seen), but the ability to restore natural brain function and repair nerve endings may be another story.

With regard to your dormant TB, I would think that MMS would give good results by itself, but the penetrating power of DMSO is truly amazing. I would think that WHATEVER problems you are trying to address, would eventually succumb to DMSO-borne MMS. (bearing in mind that you're only taking a few drops per day, compared to the massive and complex organism (yourself) that you're expecting those few drops to "fix."


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