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Re: Help - Can't shake the candida and it seems to be getting worse! by #89250 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/1/2008 10:39:39 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Yes, I have noticed more yeast around my period, but not really an 'infection'. Just a little yeasty. This infection over the last 3 days or so...I think it is the worst I've ever had. I'm getting a little worried now that my new probiotics buddies have all been conquered as I don't see the infection gone.

By 'live salsa' you mean it has lots of probiotics in it?
I'll have to try the sauerkraut.

Something new and weird has occured now. For the last 25 years I've had a 'bump' on my cervix. When I was a teenager, my pap smear came back as a class 3. So my doctor wanted to burn and remove it and gave me a couple of valium before the procedure. That was when they realized that I was somehow allergic to valium and it made me hyper! Since I was a little freaked out anyway, I went WAY hyper.

So we rescheduled. But it had been such a bad experience that I didn't go back.
Two months later my doctor dropped dead of uterine cancer. Bizarre.

So all these years, my pap smears since then have been normal. Until 6 months ago, just before I started Liver Flushes and all this bowel cleansing and parasite removal. The results 6 months ago indicated 'irregular cells'. Oh boy.

So I noticed something odd last month - the little bump I'd had all these years had almost disappeared. It felt like a tiny pimple on the edge of my cervix. It was that way even last week.

Tonight, it is long and sharp and a little pointy.

I'm officially freaked. I suppose it may have been a parasite all these years, but a little hard to believe it existed all this time and thru a full-term pregnancy. Maybe the P&B shakes are bringing it out as a...toxin?

I have my next appt with my gynocologist next Thurs and I'm thinking that with my luck, it will be a small pimple again by that time. Thinking I should call Monday morning and see if I can get in early. It's just too weird.

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