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Re: is anyone taking mms 5 or 6 times a day? EDITED by #76749 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   1/25/2008 9:32:36 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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"In the past day or two I thought that I should try and split the dose or 2 , 3 , or 4 times a day. I haven't done it yet.. but Jim Humble talkes about doing it in his book. I've also thought about doing it IV, and I know how and have the credentials...."

My daily schedule is that most of my mornings are tied up with a couple of different activities and then generally by noon I'm free to take my hour to an hour and a half walk - which benefits me more than any alternative therapy that I've done, when I do it at least 6 days a week.† However, with MMS in the morning giving me the trots (at about 8 to 10 drops), I've quit taking it then and have built up to 15 - 16 drops right after my walk.† (Just can't have an emergency while out walking.)† I took my first 15 drop dose in mid-afternoon on Tuesday with a little D, not much.† Then the last three days - no D after 15 drops - each on an empty stomach.† I don't know why the big D quit, but so far it has.† Think I'll stay on this level and time of day for a while and may add a bedtime dose of 5 or 6 drops.

I started with 2 drops twice a day about a month ago and worked up.† Someone else mentioned less plaque on the teeth, and I'm experiencing some of that too.† Another strange thing is that I've had calluses on my feet since early childhood (my shoes never fit while growing up), and all of a sudden they are beginning to peel off.† They are peeling away from the normal skin that's underneath them.† There is no sore where the skin is coming off, it just peels to a point and then I clip it the rest of the way.

Yes, you have the credentials for injecting MMS.†

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