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Comments on recent posts regarding mercury and measles... by sandover ..... Vaccination Debate Forum

Date:   1/20/2008 9:14:50 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi all,

I love it when there is activity at this forum as I learn so much from what everyone says.

A couple of things to think about regarding the recent news that there is no mercury-autism link. First, I have never been convinced that mercury in any form was the *sole* cause of ASD in vaccinated populations. If there was a single factor, I believe that the problem would have been recognized earlier and the thimerosol removed in the 1980s or 1990s. I am certainly no supporter of injecting children with a potent neurotoxin (or adults, for that matter -- I rigorously exhort my older friends to avoid the flu shot, which is IMHO worthless), but I think to assign mercury the entire responsibility for autism is letting a lot of other agents and practices off the hook! Check out the work of Mary Megson, a pediatrician who works with ASD kids using Vitamin A therapy, and who suggests some non-mercury-related evidence that MMR induces autism:

One of the main reasons I chose not to adhere to the CDC vaccination schedule for my children was the research around the function of childhood diseases to "prime" the immune system to fight adult diseases. Chicken pox, measles, and other early-childhood diseases get the system ready, so to speak, to deal with other disorders down the road. Vaccinated populations have higher incidences of auto-immune illness and cancer -- I don't think this is the only reason, but I think it's a powerful piece of evidence supporting the function of those illnesses which are normally prevalent in childhood. So many older people I know had measles, mups, CP as a part of growing up -- when such an illness is supported with good food and rest, death is not a normal outcome.

Thanks for all the interesting debate,


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