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Thank you prettysoulful, you've helped make my point by #47594 ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   4/3/2006 9:22:23 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I have actually read some of these sources before I experimented with not consuming dairy. But I took some time to read them again. As I said in my original post, not consuming it didn't help my allergy symptoms at all. And one of the sources you posted said the same thing I said, people of Scandinavian decent, are rarely lactose intolerant. Which I am. Believe me, I wish curing my allergies was as easy as not eating dairy. If I had had the experience of the poster whose asthma disappeared, believe me, I probably wouldn't touch the stuff.

I wasn't arguing that milk doesn't have bad effects for some people. I was arguing against Trapper's ridiculous reasons why no one should drink milk. Yes, there are many good reasons why certain people shouldn't drink milk, and the websites you posted, stated their case very well--with real FACTS. Trapper claimed that pasturization made the protiens too small and caused them to leave the gut, which is ludacris. Perhaps he was mixing it up with the fact that infants' guts are permeable, and they should not be fed cow's milk. He also stated that calcium can not be absorbed from milk. This was a twisting of the fact that high protien diets inhibit calcium absorbtion. There are many studies that show calcium is well absorbed from dairy.

While this is a forum mainly for sharing experiences, if you are going to post information as fact, it should be accurate. It does no good to spread silly myths around. If alternative medicine is ever going to get the respect of the mainstream, we need to present real evidence, not conjecture.


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