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Re: Sorry I didn't see this sooner! by summerhaunt ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   1/3/2008 11:26:23 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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The main things I've come across for lymph issues: do rebounding, dry skin brushing, lymph massage, and maybe inclined bed therapy.

I haven't been faithful on the rebounding, but then again I've only just gotten the rebounder ... it IS a lot of fun, way more enjoyable than treadmill or exercise bike, and definitely also works up a sweat very quickly. I do plan on using this as my main exercise for weight loss, but have high hopes for lymph improvement. My reading says this is THE best thing to do for lymph.

I've also tried the dry skin brushing and self-lymphatic massage, which I think has done my skin worlds of good, but again I haven't been faithful about it.

I have been using inclined bed therapy (IBT) about 2 weeks now, using the lowest setting on the bed risers. Still dealing with low back pain from it (they say you may get it with the first few weeks), though it's drastically reduced. Since the only thing I'm faithful here is with the IBT (mainly since the bed's already set up and it'd be silly to undo and redo it all the time), I think that's what's benefited me the most so far. The lymph issues are definitely lessened some.

I am also taking 3,000 mg IHN, so maybe that's helping also. I have noticed DRASTIC improvements in skin just over the last 2 weeks, especially over the last 1/2 week, and am seeing daily improvements there! Getting softer daily. Not yet newborn baby soft, but definitely Kindergartner soft. Dry, rough spots on my feet were gone within a week.

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