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Re: PLEASE Curezone people I NEED YOUR HELP!! by #76103 ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   12/28/2007 1:45:39 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I'm kinda late in my response to this question but my anwers are below. I hope it helps.

Question: 1) How can I find out if she is a carrier of this disease? And if she is, should I just take my chances with her living with me? I know too much about natural medicine to EVER get injected with a vaccine.

Answer: There are two kinds of test for Hep. B. One is to test for the antibody and one is for the antigen. They are both screening tests and are very sensitive and therefore can have false positives. She should be tested again for conformation. The test that is for the antibody does not actually test for the virus itself but for the antibody which the human body makes in response to the presence of the virus. If a person gets the vaccination for Hep B they are getting what is called passive immunity in that the vaccine is made from dead viruses and when the human body comes in contact with the substance creates antibodies to fight the virus off. Then if they ever do come in contact with the live virus, they will already have the antibodies in their body to fight off the virus. People who have had the vaccine will be positive for the antibody test even thought they do not have the virus or the disease. The antigen test actually tests for the presence of the virus itself. I would ask to make sure what kind of test she had. If she is positive for the antigen test then the Dr should have said that she is positive for Hep B and not say that she has the disease. She can remain symptom free for a long time. If she is indeed positive for Hep B, you can live with her without fear as long as you take precautions in that you do not let any of her blood mix with yours. (also do not let your mucous membranes come into contact with each other)

2) What can she do for the next 6 months -1 year to prep herself for america? I can send her pills and suppliments but her foods she has are limited and I do not know if the people she lives with now will allow anything too obvious (like fasting).

Answer: The disease can be cured and the virus eliminated from her body. However she will always test positive for the antibody test since her blood was exposed to the virus and her immune system created antibodies to fight off the virus. Testing positive to the antibody test does not mean she still has the virus, just that she has been exposed and her body reacted. There are all sorts of places on curezone to help with a cure regimen.

Question: 3) is there a way to just flat out RID HER BODY of hepatitis B whether she is a carrier, chronic or not? Can liver damage, cirrohis be cured?

Answer: Yes she can rid herself of the virus. Not everyone is able to however. Liver damage is not always the outcome but often it does happen. I suppose it is possible to heal liver damage too but often it is irreversibles once the damage occurs. If she treats it early and aggressively, it is possible to become completely cured without any liver damage.

Question: 4) In your opinion, personally, what do you think I should do about this? Would you not be afraid of having her come live in close quarters with yourself and your family? It is ridiculous to say we would not exchange fluids, drink off each others drink, touch each others germs etc when living and eating together daily!

Answer: I would not fear because I am educated in these matters. You should educate yourself too. People live in close contact with people who have blood borne diseases (AIDS is one of them) all over America with no problem. Just don't share needles or other items that have been in contact with her blood and don't have sex with her. It is the blood or blood/mucous membranes that is the infection route from person to person. Not the drinking after each other or touching of one another.

I'm sorry I cannot give any particular advice about eliminating the virus. If it were me, I'd read as much as I can and find a natural cure.


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