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Words of Appreciation by Invincible ..... Law of Attraction Forum: The Secret

Date:   12/22/2007 7:21:18 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Words of Appreciation
by Abraham Hicks

的知 having a good experience here in my physical body. I知 appreciative of whatever was involved in providing me with an avenue to come forth into this physical experience. I知 full of appreciation for my parents who provided the opportunity for me to come forth. I am exhilarated about my presence here in this time/space reality.

I like having a sense that I知 an eternal being and I like the idea of recognizing that while I am focused here in this time / space reality, and while I am clearly aware of who I am as this personality that I know as me, that I am much more than the me that I recognize and I知 enjoying very much getting to know that broader part of myself.

I am willing to provide opportunities for that expanded self or source or stream of consciousness to expand and explore through me.

I love the idea that I can be the vessel of focus and that energies that create worlds can romp and play and realize through my perspective. I love the fact, I appreciate the fact, I am in love with the fact, that I get to be in on all of this. It is satisfying and soothing to me to realize that I really cannot get it wrong. That I can romp and play and choose and decide and change my mind endlessly if I am wanting, but that the energy stream will always be there for me, supportive of me and always eager and willing to flow through me and play with me. And so understanding all of that, I am exhilarated about the endless number of ideas that will continue to flow to me.

I am in this moment so appreciative of the contrast of my time and place. I almost can稚 get out there fast enough, and see enough of it. It almost feels to me like there aren稚 enough hours in the day. My eagerness is so supreme to get out there and feel the contrast. I am finding myself propelled to a newfound inspiration. I have a desire that is burning in my belly. I can hardly wait to make some more decisions about what I知 wanting about lots of different things.

Its easy for me to divide my physical experience into some clumps or phases. One of them is my body. Another one is my relationships. Another is my home. Another is my work. There are endless subjects that I can use as the focal point to which the energy that creates worlds will flow.

I love the idea of being in this body. I love the idea of my body being lean and young and fast and effective. I love feeling vitality. I love feeling clarity. I love knowing that all is well with my body. I love the places my body takes me. I love all the things my body allows me to do. I love the sensuality of my body. I love feeling the sight and sound and taste and touch. I love knowing this physical environment through my physical senses. I am eager for this good feeling body to explore and experience.

I love the idea of having work to do. I love the idea of there being a mechanism through which dollars can flow. Dollars that help me to experience more of the things that I am wanting. A very nice, comfortable exchange. A very easy way for us to exchange our talents and energies.

I love the idea of work expanding. I love the idea of creativity flowing through me. I love the idea that we are co-creating. I love the idea that there are so many others who have gone before me, or who are working with me, who will dovetail into my intentions.

I love knowing that it is not necessary that I do this all myself. I love knowing that I don稚 have to prove worthiness to anyone. I love knowing that we are all in this together, and those who are in vibrational harmony with my energy will find their way to me and we will creatively interact and co-create together.

I love my work. I love the ideas that flow to me through my work. I love the idea that my work can change. I love knowing that I can do anything. I知 eagerly looking for new things to excite me and propel me and call me and inspire me.

I love interacting with others. I love the idea of relationships. I love the idea of a perfect and personal, sexual, intimate, delicious, physical relationship. I love the idea of interacting with others on many levels of co-creation and knowing that we are together because we are vibrationally harmonious and whatever we are co-creating is in perfect harmony with the output we are flowing.

I love the idea that I can alter my flow and attract differently. Or I can continue my flow and attract the same. I love the flexible creative experience that is available to me. And I am anticipating with such pleasure the numerous relationships on many different levels that are on their way to me. And I love the idea of the creative control that I have within them.

I love my home. I love the fact that I have found a haven where I can be. A sort of central point from which I can create. I知 appreciative of all the physical factors that have come into play that have provided for me - this wonderful roof over my head, a place where I can be centered and create from. I love knowing that I can be anywhere. I love knowing that I don稚 have to stay in one place. I love knowing that home is wherever I am. I love knowing that the creative energies will always support me and that anywhere I choose to be, the energy will flow and follow.

I love knowing that I am significant and invulnerable. I love knowing that there is nothing that I cannot do or have. That all things are possible. And I love knowing that what this physical experience is mostly about is coming to the conclusion of that which I might want. Because any time I hold any thing as my object of attention, the life giving energy that creates worlds flows through me. And I have the possibility of that manifestation and I get the thrill of the energy flowing through me on the way to it.

I知 in love with life. I知 in love with life force. I知 in love with the inner being that supports me, and most of all, I知 in love with the me that flows through this perspective. I am good. I am whole. I am never-ending. I知 excited about all that is before me.

Abraham-Hicks 12/4/97

Wow! Read this alound and feel the buzz :-)


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