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Re: Question for BR Experts/Purveyors by megan ..... Bloodroot Forum

Date:   7/31/2006 2:42:25 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Glaxony....good for you in all your cleansing! It's very inspiring. I can sure relate when you say which is worse, knowing they are there, or the fear of die off. This has been my number one problem in dealing with these things, the die can be very severe if there's a lot of them. I've been fighting it for about 4 years...geez, can't believe it sometimes. They are very hardy. Years ago, when I first began parasite cleansing, I was very sick, and the herbs just made things worse. I couldn't even begin, every time I tried, I just got worse. It was aweful.

But, I'm so much better now...slow detox, mainly diet change, high juices, liver flushes...and now I can parasite cleanse without getting sick. So, this is good, but it's almost like just the beginning for me, the parasites are still very high, so it's a long journey. It's okay, as long as it all works.

I haven't tried blood root consistantly for a long time now...something I've been meaning to add in.

What has brought the levels down for you? Has it just been keeping at them and rotating things? Right now I'm trying high doses of various herbs, cloves, ginger, wormseed, Wormwood , neem, olive leaf....we'll see.

I still have immune reactions when I try to kill them, either hives (but much less now than before), or episodes of shortness of breath. These scare me. Luckily they are short lived. They happen usually about 1/2 hour after I've taken some big dose of herb. Does this ever happen with you? I think it's mainly from the tapeworms..

Keep at them...we'll get there...


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