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Re: Thank you for the Bloodroot Forum!!! by Ev ..... Bloodroot Forum

Date:   9/9/2005 10:20:24 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I requested this forum because I don't think I would be alive today if it weren't for the herb Bloodroot, but there is very little information to be found about it on the internet. This is my story...

I found out last January that I have Hepatitis C. Apparently I've had it for 30 years without knowing it.

For years I've had a stinging sensation in my throat that is really intense right before I fall asleep. It felt like an ant was stinging my esophagus. The sensation would startle me to awaken, over and over, depriving me of sleep. Then, three years ago, the warts on my body started itching like crazy, non-stop. The dermatologist previously said they were keepers. Shortly there after I got a crick in my neck that moved into my shoulders and spine. I couldn't turn my head or do yoga any more. Glucosamine didn't help. Selenium didn't help. Chiropractic assistance was out of the question because the pain was excruciating. I got a herpes attack that wouldn't quit and took huge amounts of lysine for months. Then, what I always thought was an occasional athsma attack, got very bad, and I began wheezing all the time. I also noticed that my stools were occasionally yellow. I was afraid I had malignant melanoma that had metastasized to my lungs and liver.

I don't have any health insurance, and didn't want to go the traditional route anyway, since they would probably just tell me that it was too late, so I tried putting black salve on the itchy warts. (I do NOT recommend this without careful consideration and supervision.) I had 13 big green sores all over my body. One of them lasted for four months. I now have scars everywhere and two of them are really big. One month after all the sores were finally healed, the itching started up again around two of the scars.

The fact that I was willing to take bloodroot internally, after incurring huge green horribly painful sores all over my body, will tell you how desperate I was. But I felt sure it was the zinc chloride, not the bloodroot that caused the burns, and I decided to trust what I'd read and been told about bloodroot: that it hunts down disease and devours it without harming healthy tissues. I figured I was dying anyway, and it if killed me, I would at least be out of misery. I'd been taking two Aleves morning and night, but it wasn't helping any more.

Three months after I began taking the bloodroot internally, I also added red clover/stillingia, which allowed me to reduce the amount of bloodroot I was taking and begin functioning somewhat normally again. I finally began to feel better and was no longer afraid of dying, at least not immediately. I wanted to know for sure, exactly what I was dealing with, so I decided to get a blood test. It indicated that I have Hepatitis C. Apparently that is why I've been so exhausted and chronicly ill all my life. I've had arthritis, candida, athsma, gallstones, migraines, herpes, it's always something. I've never been healthy.

After 6 months of taking bloodroot my liver started clearing significantly. I started getting dizzy and feeling a crawling sensation on the end of my tongue. When I looked in the mirror, I could see a little white pinworm looking thing just below the surface. At first I thought I was taking too much and it was causing me to hallucinate, but a friend of mine looked at my tongue and said she could see a groove with a little white thing in it. That is when I realized I was clearing parasites, too.

I have been taking bloodroot along with other herbs for over a year. The pain in my neck, spine and joints is gone. I can do yoga again, the itching is minimal, I don't have "athsma" any more, I have more energy than I've ever had in my adult life and I need less sleep. I took a trip with my neice a couple of months ago, did all the driving, felt better than she did and slept less. I am 50; she is 25.

The quality of my life has improved significantly but the cleansing has not been pleasant. I experienced horrible nausea daily for months without end, until I began to wonder if I wouldn't rather die than take another dose. I couldn't lift my arms for four days because of terrible pain in my chest and shoulders. I was afraid it was a heart attack, but my accupuncturist assured me that my heart was fine. He said it was trauma working its way out of my body, and that it would move out my limbs, eventually reach my fingers and toes, and finally go away for good. Sure enough, a few months later, I had the same kind of pain in my elbows, when that went away, a few months later it returned in my wrists, then my ankles, then my knuckle joints and toes. I could barely walk, I have to take lots of calcium or I have bad muscle cramps. I have projectile vomited. I occasionally will laugh and cry simultaneously uncontrollably intermittently after taking a dose. My mother begged me to stop taking the herbs when a laughing/crying episode happened at her house. She said it looked like I was possessed with a demon and wanted me to go to the hospital.

The first time I took a dose of the Bloodroot, I saw a demonic looking thing with pointy teeth (it looks similar to the "famous" parasite picture) right before I fell asleep. It startled me to awaken. The "monster" looked like it was in the clutches of a death terror. It caused me to have a strong rush of emotions and I felt terribly guilty about killing a living entity. But when the emotion passed, I came to my senses and reasoned, if the "monster" living in me doesn't die, it is going to kill me, and we will both die, so it is dying anyway, it just doesn't know it. This disease does not have the right to take my life, because I have given my life to God. I began praying that all viruses, funguses, bacteria, parasites and any other entities living in my body and feeding off my body, or my energy field, to the detriment of my well-being, be transported to a recycling facility where they can be tranformed for good and prevented from ever harming anyone again. It is working. They are leaving. And I will continue doing everything I can to create a hostile environment that encourages them to go quickly. Bloodroot seems to be the most powerful weapon in my arsenal. I honestly don't think I could have survived without it.

Taking Bloodroot is frightening and difficult. There is very little information about it to be found. That is why I am glad this forum has been added. I would love to hear the experiences of others, who have tried using it, especially internally.


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