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Mirena to self pull or not to self pull? by furiousvirgo ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   11/29/2007 8:09:27 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I have had the mirena IUD for nine months now, with all the same side effects that some or most of you are having, (headaches, depression, acne, nausea, and weight increase of 10 lbs) I was placed on mirena because I am unable to tolerate the side effects I was having birth control pills. The only benefit from mirena that I received was a very light period which lasted 7 days and much more tolerable menstrual cramps. Last week I began having a pokey feeling in my cervix with left groin ďachyĒ type of pain, and then I had intercourse with my husband and it was VERY painful it felt like the mirena was getting shoved up into my diaphragm, after the intercourse I noticed a light bleeding, which was fine due to that fact that I should be starting my period anyways. But I decided to make an appointment with the GYN to ensure the mirena was still in place, although I could feel the strings. I saw the Dr. #1 and she said everything seemed fine and that my uterus was just more sensitive to it, sense I have not had any children yet and she scheduled to get an ultrasound on the 11th of next month. So, I go home and notice that my period is now like a regular period with bright red blood and uterine tissue present. This alarmed me so I called the Gyn clinic the next day, I asked to make an appointment to have it taken out and the sectary pulled up my records and over the phone read me the damn report that Dr. #1 had written (WTF)!! I told her again that I wanted to make an appointment to have it removed, she then put me on hold an put DR #2 on the phone. She basically just blew me off saying donít worry about it, that abnormal bleeding is expected for the first year, and go to the ER if I soak an ob pad in an hour (while laughing to someone in the background). Then she proceeded to say that I should go ahead with the ultrasound (which is two weeks away). Then Dr. #2 began to tell me that she has had her IUD for 3 months and that she too is experiencing irregular bleeding (AHHHHHH!!!!). So, anyways Iím hoping the IUD is not embedded somewhere, cause I still have the left sided groin pain ranging form achy to sharp, and still having a heavier period then usual with mirena. I'm pretty sure itís not an ovarian cyst (which I do get from time to time) but the pain that I am having right now is much lower than usual. I want to pull it out myself but not sure if I should since I have a retroverted uterus. No one will listen to me; I just want this DAMN THING OUT!!! Oh, by the way I am in the military, and the entire GYN/OB doctors share one clinic, I have no choice but go to this one clinic. Can anyone give me some advice? 1) What are the signs/symptoms of IUD embedment? 2)Is there a contraindication for mirena with retroverted uterus, 3)What could happen if I pull it myself, I donít know what to do NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!! And I have heard of women pulling it out with much success!!


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