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Re: Iodine, progesterone and constipation by sandover ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   11/21/2007 11:31:07 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi, PB3 --

A list of symptoms of low progesterone levels follows at this link, and it doesn't sound bad at all -- I'd assume, and have read in Dr. Christiane Northrup's books about treating postpartum Depression and menopause symptims w/ natural Progesterone, that high or at least normal levels would mean an absence or reduction in these problems:

(the list:

Decreased libido
Fibrocystic breasts
Food and Sugar cravings
Uterine fibroids
Irregular or excessive uterine bleeding
Weight gain
Increased blood clotting
Thyroid dysfunction )

At any rate, if you are dealing with high levels it seems like you would be in pretty good health if none of the above were present -- except, as you mention, the constipation. Many who are pregnant -- prgnenac demand high prog. levels -- also report this -- progesterone slows the movement of the large intestine and therefore causes it. My guess is that Iodine and its relatinship to thyroid and hormone levels could raise progesterone levels -- or normalize them (so even people who had low progesterone and supplemented might experience that "slowing down" upon increasing or normalizing progesterone levels.

My suspicion that Iodine and progesterone are related simply comes from scanning that list and seeing how many of those conditions normalize or improve or resolve with Iodine intake. FBD/uterine cysts, uterine dysfunction, infertility, thyroid dysfunction -- those are just the ones *I* recognize! The real test for someone who's high in progesterone, constipated, and supplementing can only be whether those things occured in tandem, though.

While you have your experience and that makes for an important addiction to the Curezone knowledge bank, don't feel that because others haven't shared that experience it is not "real." (The time will come when a newcomer will share your same experience and you will be able to be helpful to them -- I was VERY lonely when I had a reaction that others didn't and felt left out of the group experience, but was later grateful to have had it because we had some similar reports months later.)

I *would* offer that I trust this group a lot because there are people here who have been in cleansing/detox mode for a long time and whose bodies got to iodine in better/cleaner shape than mine did a year ago, which makes their experience and guidance invaluable to me. Another group's members could be arriving at that group in lesser states of "wellness" than someone like Trapper, who was pretty dang clean, IMHO, or other veterans of this entire process. Curezone by and large attracts a different breed than even the most thoughtful and intelligent of the other groups where I lurk occasionally...

It will be interesting to see what others say or know or find about iodine elevating progesterone levels. I suspect it's correlative to something else or to the body's increased ability to use progesterone -- I have iodophilia and can't believe that iodine would cause constipation as even an indirect effect!

Best + Have an iotastic T-giving!



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