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Heart valve regurgitation by #18601 ..... Ask Healer George

Date:   10/16/2005 10:58:54 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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About 17 years ago I fell down a flight of 26 steps and landed on my head. After this disabling fall I could no longer run my three miles a day and do the things I was used to. My mobility was severely limited.

My weight went up and up and it seemed the more I tried to control it the worse it got. Unfortunately I went to a diet clinic and was put on the Pfen-fen drug. I was afraid of drugs as my body often doesn't react well to them (couldn't take pain meds), but they assured me there were no problems.

Long story short is that my body did not like the drug and I have been left with damaged heart valves. The first Echocardiogram showed mild regurgitation but then a year or so later the small "tweaks" in the heart started getting worse. Finally I went to a cardiologist last May and another echo was done. My mitral valve is worse and I was told that it was the heart valves causing the pain.

After the first test I was determined to get my body healthy and avoid any further problems. I gave up dieting and simply said to the Lord "I am what I am so just help me stay healthy". In these last almost five years I have lost weight very slowly and made other changes to get my body healthy. I'm alkalizing, am now using coconut oil, am eating for my metabolic type (usually), started the Pettibon therapy and so can exercise more, increased my greens considerably, but yet the valve got worse and so did my bone density.

My Dr is also TCM and a homeopathic practicioner and his acupuncture has made the heart pain livable and I've also been getting IV EDTA chelation for toxic lead. He has also given me some remedies for my blood pressure (started at 188/72) and that is going much better.

My question is this: What more can I do that I am not doing now? Are there specific things I can do to heal my valves? I've read Dr. Schulze's story but had tried vegetarianism about 25 years ago and didn't do well on that regimen. I'm currently using his Super Food and Heavenly Greens daily.

Thank you!


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