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Re: Hi Alikat by been there done that ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   11/18/2007 6:09:51 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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You said...
"Who told you that life is easy?"

1) Submitting a QUESTION as part of an ANSWER is completely illogical and will always prevent arriving at a SOLUTION to CONSEQUENCES that a HUMAN BEING is SUFFERING (although, unfortunately, it is a common practice for humanity to do that).
Of course, you don't know for sure that anyone ever said this to her, so even this "question" is completely invalid and irrelevant.

2) At what point do you stop telling people to "Get over it?",...when they are a car crash victim and lying in the hospital bed with broken bones, do you still tell them to "Get over it?" (there's no compassion in that, not SORROW compassion).

You say...
"The best way is to lose weight"

(no she is not at fault that he is a jerk, keep RIGHT and WRONG in proper perspective,...HE is at fault for being a jerk, SHE should not be expected by ANYONE in the world to compensate for what HE is doing wrong).

and neither is she less of a person because she has "weight" (of course, you DO agree, don't you?).

Nobody in the world is a "MODEL" except models.

According to CONSCIENCE (SELF), every human being has s natural "modesty", so when you advise someone to ask themselves "why am I better?", they will just naturally have trouble with a reply (creating low self-esteem). Using "questions" as part of what you mean to be an "answer" does not EVER lead to a SOLUTION (a REPLY is not the same as an ANSWER/solution).

You do have the option to SHOW (and FEEL) compassion (GENUINE "sorrow" compassion) on this forum and all throughout life, with the proper choice, your "Kisses" will be meaningful.


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