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Trying different treatments, but still depressed. by julie819 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   11/8/2007 12:58:46 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hey everyone

I believe that I have had exfoliative cheilitis for the past 4 months. I always remember my lips peeling a little, but nothing major. I think I might have acutually caused it myself. This summer, my lips split in two places, due to the fact that I was putting nothing on them because I had an allergic reaction to chapstick (my condition is worsened by the fact that the only things safe to put on them are vaseline, aquaphor, and maybe blistex- anything else will make my lips break out in hives). Anyways, I believed I caused it because after they split, (and wouldnt heal), i would peel the outer layers to make it look like they didn't split (because only the top layers were split). Now months later they're the same as everyone else's- peeling every few days, white with water, you know the ordeal.

I also live at college and its worse because i get absolutely NO privacy. And i have a roommate who doesn't know about it but i'm sure she's noticed them plenty of times.

I am so sick of this and i know that if other people have been cured then i can too. But really- WHAT works?? Some people say leave it alone (which will be hard since i'm at college, but i can try). Others say exfoliaite and they will gradually heal. I went to GNC today and picked up the following:

- multivitamin
- evening primroise oil
- fish oil supplement

i will keep you all posted on how that works for me. I spent $40 on them, and hopefully it wasn't a waste- but if you're like me you would write out a check for your life savings to just have this fricken condition go AWAY!!

there were many testimonials that this has helped people, and it says on the label of the bottles that it helps keep skin look healthy.

also, i heard that sun helps. should i go tanning? but like i said, nothing that is safe for me to use (without getting hives on my lips) has spf in it. so i don't want them to burn.

this has absolutely ruined my life. I stay away from guys, i keep to myself, and lately i've been crying every day- and if i'm not crying i am on the verge of tears. i know everyone stresed the fact that having a positive attitude and accepting the fact helps, but its so hard for me. I have like zero self confidence right now. It's so hard guys....

what to do? please reply with anything helpful. i'll keep you all posted on my success/failures.

<3 julie


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