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Re: Clue as to what is off base about the Iodine Supplementation Forum Team/IMO by thewhiz ..... Iodine Debate Forum

Date:   11/7/2007 7:23:58 PM ( 11years ago)
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I, too, am having a hard time deciding exactly what you are saying. Did the forum provide you with what you needed or not? It sounds to me that it did.

You got upset with trapper/kcmo for posting a documentary on LSD? What difference does that make? He was looking at the social phenomenon that those people were attributing to their use of LSD and said at the end that another revolution like that is needed. I thought it was quite clever. He obviously used LSD as an attention getter for the subject. The subject was not LSD. If I got it, I am sure others did, too. He never once advocated the use of LSD. He submitted an interesting video document with some quotes emphasized for the purpose of soliciting comment, not condemnation.

That's my take on that.

Where LSD is concerned, it is the government we have to thank for that. They thought they had something pretty nifty they could use to their advantage to give them more power. They eventually abandoned it and outlawed it because they found quite the opposite was true. By then the genie was out of the bottle. LSD creates no dependence so there is no power to be had there. It also does something to the mind which makes the person less susceptable to outside control. No government worth their salt would ever want that.

Any person who is dead set against a substance of that nature is for dependency and control of others. I think that is a sick point of view and very much akin to the view that the government has about all drugs and herbs and healthcare in general. They alone know what is best. If it were just up to them, you would be bone dry of Iodine and swigging copious amounts of chlorine and fluorine and bromine on a daily basis. You, who have benefitted so much, should be grateful for VWT, not condemning them. That goes especially for Vulcanel, who brought this subject to the fore in its present incarnation and introduced the Iodine project to Curezone. I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

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