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Re: Steroids by liverhelp ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   11/7/2007 4:23:09 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Thanks for your reply.

Bodybuilding is much misunderstood. As you stated “people looking at men or women who look like that are not jealous or attracted or left in admiration of your physique” – much TRUE bodybuilders have nothing to prove to anyone else – they have something to prove to themselves (other than those in competition) – like take powerlifters – they want to shift the weight to prove something to themselves.

“Learn a method to cope with moments of low self esteem and negative body/self image thoughts” – bodybuilding is not about not loving yourself – you do it BECAUSE you love yourself – an artist has his canvas, we have our bodies – we work hard to sculpt our bodies.

There is a misconception concerning taking steroids – that you just take these miracle pills, or injections and you become incredible hulk – it requires hard work at the gym, sacrifice, and a clean diet. Steroids alone do nothing.

“Don't hang around people with the same mental illness, you will only encourage each other.” – sorry, but I just found this insulting; there was no need for that.

Anabolic steroid users don’t abuse their bodies – they cycle the steroid to allow the body to recover. Do your research before making statements – how much people do you know who have died using steroids? Now think about the amount of people who die smoking?

“Have you read up on the various raw foodist, vegetarian, healthy natural body builders out there?” – I have been “natural” for over 10 years – so ive been there – there is a certain point you can go naturally. And BTW I am vegetarian.

So before making claims, and making things up in your head about steroids, do some research; spreading crap about steroids just gets others minds infected.

LOL – then you finish your post with “peace” after all that insulting me?


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