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Re: loss questions by Kabel ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   10/30/2007 3:19:34 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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hiya, so pleased that you have noticed a considerable difference already since removal. Many congrats!!:)
On the hair thing, everyone is different - mine has actually got a lot worse in the last month - and that is 7 months SINCE removal!! That is due to estrogen dominance, which i have posted about quite a lot on the forum. Estrogen dominance is a result of mirena use, and comes for some of us after removal when our own hormones cannot get back into natural balance and rhythm again, despite our best efforts! Not everyone will get this, and hopefully you will just gradually get better and better. Hair under normal circumstances would probably take approx 3 months to show properly, so you will need to be patient for this one:)
I would give it time, be kind to yourself and try to avoid estrogen dominance consequences by continuing a good diet, high in essential fatty acids, organic vegetables and fruit where possible, organic meat if you eat meat, low in refined Sugar and especially low in caffeine and alcohol. Gentle excecise, lots of water and a good night's sleep. This way your whole body will be a bursting with health which can only help not only your hair grow well but will hopefully avoid any recurrance of symptoms after a few months, which many of us on the forum have had. you can also try supplements to help your hormone health and hair, which you can get more advice about at your local health store (things like Kelp, and a multi vitamin and mineral tablet). Joanne on this forum has found that using progesterone cream has helped her tremendously - she had falling hair continuously up to a year after mirena removal! Her doc said her body had completely stopped making natural progesterone. I think this is what happens to a lot of people.
I am not suggesting it is happening to you, however, so don't panic lol. I just wanted to keep you aware of what we are learning about, so you can be better informed. This whole mirena experience has been such a learning curve for all of us, and i think it is important that we share with each other anything that we can find out:) It is very early days for you yet, so no need to worry and you are feeling so much better generally, it is like being given a new lease of life, isn't it?:) Try the suggestions above to keep yourself healthy and post back to let us know how you get on. Thinking of you:) xx

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