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Two Weeks into the Diet... Not Feeling Any Better by pelorick ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/23/2007 3:06:20 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hello all,

I am just wondering about this diet. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I started the diet. I planned on trying it for a month to see if this helps with my situation. As you may have read in previous posts, I am not sure if I have Candida overgrowth, but there is a good possibility that it is. I have been very disciplined on this diet and have tried to stay away from any items that are questionable (granny smith apples, tomatoes, plain yogurt, etc). I have not “cheated” at all, and don’t think that I will for the remainder of the diet (I certainly hope!). I am taking a natural antifungal (Candid-Gone by Renew Life) which I started a few days after the diet; I am at day 9 of the 15 day antifungal treatment and day 13 of the diet. My main question is how long does it take, on average, to start feeling a little better? I know there isn’t one correct answer to this, but I don’t really feel like I have made any progress in terms of the way I feel. It is very frustrating because this is such a restrictive diet (much more so than the gluten-free and dairy free diets that I tried earlier this year) and I don’t feel like I am benefiting, and I am not even sure Candida is the issue. To make a long story short (many doctor visits, procedures, tests later), I am considering this a Candida issue and do plan on sticking strictly to the diet for a month to see if there is improvement. Can anyone tell me if this is normal to not notice a difference at 2 weeks on the diet? I know that it takes time, but I would just like to have an idea if I am going the right direction.

Unexplained chronic bloating/distention (main reason… have had for past year)
Failed saliva test (Dr. Crook)
Corner mouth cracks (started about 10 months ago - just my right side - don't think it was lack of vitamins)
Eosinophils (found on endoscopy... uncommon cause, but still a cause)
Scored 120 on the written test
Brain fog

Thank you very much for your help and all of the informative responses to my other posts (to date)


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