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Date:   10/22/2007 7:18:54 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Simoncini is a board certified oncologist and endocrinologist. He claims
that ALL ( that word is the kiss of death in therapeutics) cancer is
caused by
Candid Albicans, and treats patients with nothing more than sodium
bicarbonate. I hope it is ok to post links... here is his website :
. He is also on YouTube, where you can
hear him speak. He seems to have success where others have failed,
which makes one take notice. I am skeptical, but he does have a
high success rate. If everyone with cancer has Candida albicans, then why,
when you biopsy malignant neoplasms doesn't the Candida show up? Is the
cancer secondary to the Candida, or is the opportunistic Candida secondary
to the
primary cancer? The tissue samples should show hyphae and blastospores. I
guess what he is saying is possible, but it certainly doesn't make sense to
me. Also, blood cultures should be positive for Candida in all cancer
patients, according to his rationale. Opinions? Lisa
A UK Doctor (Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride) wrote a book "Gut and
psychology syndrome".which links many illnesses to the gut. Remember
that 60-80% of the immune system is located in the gut.

Parents pass down to their children their gut flora (good and bad) at
birth, via nursing (bottle fed babies have different flora than breast
fed ones.not nearly as healthy), etc. If the parents have issues with
their flora, the children inherit this. The children then add their own
insults to the flora ( Antibiotics , steroids, birth control, diet,
vaccinations, etc.) that in turn are passed down to the next generation.
What we are seeing is an epidemic of autoimmune issues (many believe
cancer is autoimmune), compromised immune systems, compromised metabolic
pathways, mental illnesses (yes folks, the brain is connected to the
gut) that can all be traced to the gut. (Aside.there are 'bad' bacteria
that can live in the gut that can convert mercury into methyl
mercury.the form of mercury that passes the blood brain barrier.)
Candida is especially problematic is it can easily cross through the
intestinal lining and get into the blood creating systemic
problems.which many people have and don't know it.

Get rid of the overgrowth of the bad stuff, grow the good stuff and give
some time for healing (remember it didn't get this bad overnight) and
many issues heal themselves.

Hope this helps,
Health, Hope, Joy & Healing :
May you Prosper, even as your Soul Prospers 3John 2

Jennifer Ruby

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