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Re: Does this sound more like candida or lymes by silkgirl ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/15/2007 4:48:52 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi 79883! It sounds to me like you're dealing with toxicity and candida. Lyme disease sufferers often have severe associated fatigue and body aches.

You don't have to go to any more doctors if you want to fix the candida. It does require a fairly strict diet though. Currently my diet is: steamed vegies, beef or chicken (I dont' eat fishes, or eggs), and some quinoa pasta.

You could begin by not eating any sugar, any white flour, any processed foods for awhile.. see if that helps. During the first week of transition, you could substitute diet mt. dew. (it's true that artificial sweeteners are bad news). The first week is your toughest. You'll keep asking yourself what in the world can I eat? It takes some adjustment. The first week is gonna be killer, but in order to feel better you gotta do it. It also takes about 3-6 months on a better diet to feel like you're normal again, if your symptoms are as described.

Since you're not complaining of all out debiliation, like some of us here, I'd suggest eating: beans & rice, eggs, fish, limited chicken & beef, tons more vegies, salads, use stevia (from the healthfood store) as a sweetener. The "cleaner" you can make your diet, the better. Clean = non processed foods, no sugar, no white flour (probably any wheat isn't good for you, just a guess). Fruit, while it's good for most people, isn't the best choice for candida sufferers.

Hope this gives you some direction! I hope you feel better. Carrie :)

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