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Does this sound more like candida or lymes by #79883 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/15/2007 12:02:49 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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For the last few years I have been having dizziness, swollen feeling eyes, fatigue amd zombie like feelings that last all day sometimes. I have recently gotten flotters and my tounge has a white film on it. I get a pressure feeling around the bridge of my nose and have a constant cranial pressure such as a sinus headache. Sometimes this turns into a headace. Alcohol worsens these symptoms. I have had blood tests, allergy tests, 2 MRIs and a lymes test. In college I was a heavy beer drinker and I began having anxiety. I began getting cold sores after I drank. I was put on paxil two years ago and then Cymbalta. These have not helped at all. am currently weaning off the cymbalta and going through tons of withdrawl symptoms. I am a 27 year old male and feel as I am living in a fog. I no longer drink but I do have INTENSE urges for sweets and alcohol. I have gas often and have heard that is a candida symptom. Does this sound like candida? I have tried the spit test but it didn't show anything. Also I drink Diet Mountain Dews and eat an apple or pear everyday. I heard that artificial sweetners and fruits are just as bad as sugar. Is this true? Does anyone know of any sure way to test for candida without going though a doctor as they keep putting me on SSRI's when I tell them that they do nothing for me except make me more tired, sleepy and zombie like.

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