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Date:   10/13/2007 6:21:42 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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There's this particular bathroom stall in which if I visit, I'll end up with a strong fecal shoe odor. And by the way, my first ever odor problem (musty feet odor) began after I started using this particular bathroom. The foot odor transpired into general Body Odor and now anal fecal odor. I visited this particular bathroom twice lately wearing two different shoes, and they both now smell like feces.

In the past I've read about people who dont know where their fecal odor is coming from suggesting that their odor may be coming from their feet. I simply used to think that that suggestion was ridiculous, but now I'm beginning to have a change of heart.

Could it be that my anal fecal odor is caused by leaky gut - punctured colon caused by candida overgrowth - and fecal matter leaks from my colon and streams down my feet? I, in particular, have noticed that if I spend too much time in the bathroom having bowel movements, I end up smelling worst (especially if I dont take a shower afterwards). This has made the usage of public toilets for bowel movements an ardous task for me, one in which I contemplate and re-contemplate over and over again. You can imagine the nightmare! So could it be that the more bowel movements, the more feces passes through the holes in the colonic walls, increasing the aura of fecal smell around you?

Taking a look at the anus, it is almost impossible to think that that tiny, little hole which appears totally sealed can be releasing an enormous amount of fecal odor without your being away of it, like when you're about to fart? And since I dont notice any external leakages on my anus, a plausible idea for the continuous fecal smell would be a punctured colon that releases the fecal matter internally. This is where the Leaky Gut condition (already defined) comes into play again.

I, for one, have definitely noticed that when I pass a lot of liquidy stool, I smell so much worse afterwards that it seems like I'm crapping on myself as I walk down the streets hours later. At that point I dont get the usual "you didnt clean your butt well" comments; people are now looking at the floor around me to see how much mess I unleashed on the floor. And incredibly, my anus is still dry and clean, despite the smell. It is plausible to think that liquidy stool would be able to pass more through tiny punctured colonic walls than well-formed feces - therefore, a greater aura of fecal odor.

It has been said that HCL can kill bacteria, so it may be the reason why some people are noticing improvements, since the bacteria puncturing the colonic walls are decreasing, allowing the colonic walls to heal.

And right before my fecal odor began but after I got the (musty) smelly feet from the bathroom I visited, my nymphocytes were swollen - a condition indicating that my body's immune system is fighting an infection. So could that infection be from candida that I got from the bathroom floor through my feet?


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